Monday, July 18, 2016

Skin Changes & Tula

For 29 years, I used the same facial products, but after I turned 50, I noticed that my skin had changed and was more dry.  I even started getting rough dry patches on my cheeks and forehead.  I tried drinking more water, which is good for me anyway, I tried a thicker moisturizer at night, and nothing seemed to help.  It's always scary for me purchase new skin care products, because (1) they can be expensive and (2) you can't be sure that the new products will work for you, or make the problem worse.  I know that I didn't want to walk around with dry patches on my face, but I didn't want to walk around with an allergic reaction either!  I first heard about Tula, from a blogger.  After meeting her in person and seeing how flawless her skin looked, I decided that I needed to try their products.  They had a special going, so it was perfect timing.

I've broken down the 3 products that came in the package deal and an additional product I ordered later.

The first product is the Purifying Face Cleanser ($28)
The first thing that I noticed was the smell.  It smelled so amazing!  It removed my make up and cleaned my face, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.  The first time I tried it, I was afraid that it was going to be drying to my skin, as my face felt a little tight, but I moved onto the 2nd step, moisturizing, and that fear melted away.  Just dampen your face before applying, then rinse.  I've never actually enjoyed washing my face at night and back in my 20's & 30's, I even slept with make up on!  I know, it was terrible for my skin, but a girl gets exhausted! Using this cleanser, I actually look forward to washing my face before bedtime. For someone on a budget, it's great that a little goes a long way.  Easy and it smells, SOOOO GOOD!

The second product is the Hydrating Day & Night Cream ($52)
This product feels amazing.  I swear it reduces my laugh lines and soothes my dry skin.  My skin seems to come alive when I use this (maybe it's the pro-biotics).  Only a small amount is needed to cover my face and neck. (Pro tip: Whatever skin care products you use, make sure to use it on your neck. The neck is often forgot about and ages quicker than our face. Everyone wants glowing skin everywhere, right?) My only critique is the amount of cream you get in the jar compared to the tube of cleanser.  I have to buy about 3 jars of this cream to 1 tube of cleanser.

The third product was a sample/travel size of the Exfoliating Treatment Mask ($54 for the full size)
I've used this product twice now and like some masks that I've used in the past, it left my skin feeling smooth and clean.  When I followed with the moisturizer, my skin actually glowed!  Who knew skin can glow after age 50?!

The extra product that I purchased is the Revitalizing Eye Cream ($52)
I've never been a big eye cream user. I lucked out and haven't had issues with the skin around my eyes drying out (Pro tip: When applying any eye creams, only use your ring finger. You can't put as much pressure on it so you can't apply that pressure to your skin, which can eventually create wrinkles or bags).  After using this product, I can tell it's different from the other anti-aging creams I've used in the past.  My fine lines aren't completely gone, but I have gotten a myriad of compliments of how youthful my skin looks.  This is my favorite Tula product because it works.

I've earned every wrinkle; raising 3 children, being married, working, etc. Since turning 50, I've decided to at least slow down the wrinkle process.  I'm fortunate that I've been blessed with my Mother's great genetics for skin and hair but it's also crucial to find products that work with and for my skin.

You can find out more about Tula here: They are offering a 15% discount and free shipping when you sign up. There always seems to be different discounts and deals on the website so keep an eye out for the one that best suits you!


Disclaimer: I purchased the products myself from Tula and these are my honest opinions.  I am in no way affiliated with Tula or am being compensated for my two cents worth :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Florida Vacation

After closing my bakery, my husband, Darryl and I realized that we needed a vacation.  After scouring the internet for vacation deals, we decided on going back to a place we had visited with our kids about 10-12 years ago; Clearwater Beach, Florida. A full week of sunshine, the beach, and lots of relaxing.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and upon arrival, we requested a room with a view and boy, did they provide a view.  Our room was one floor above the pool, and beyond the pool was the beach and Gulf of Mexico.  The room was set up as a condo and had everything we needed for the relaxing week in the sun. The bed was so comfortable and the full kitchen was complete with everything we needed to make breakfast every morning to enjoy on our patio.  Coffee on the patio was my favorite way to start each day! The staff was so accommodating and helpful.  On the weekend we stayed at the pool, because the beach was a bit crowded.  The pool bar was convenient and had servers that catered to pool goers needs. We would definitely book with the Hyatt Regency again. 

Before we left home, I booked a catamaran cruise through Kai Lani.  We choose the Sunday night Sunset Sangria Cruise. This was our first time on a catamaran, and we had so much fun.  It was an adult only cruise and they had a full bar on board, so we other options besides sangria, although, that was fine with me.  I do love a good sangria!  I was even able to get a cool photo of the Pirate Cruise Boat!

A trip to the gulf wouldn't be complete without some delicious food and we found that our favorite restaurant from 10 years ago was still there and had added a few other locations; Frenchy's.  Some of the best seafood in the area, so we ate there twice!  I couldn't get over the Crab Fries and the Lobster Roll.  Amazing!!

We had an amazing time, whether it was relaxing at the beach or the pool, taking a nap, walking on boardwalk or sitting on our patio.  It was just the sort of trip that we both needed.  It gave us time to reconnect after such a stressful month and I wish we could go back at least once a month!

Where is your favorite place to visit and relax?