Saturday, May 20, 2017

Signature Scent

Have you ever smelled a fragrance that immediately transported your mind back in time?  My mother used a select few colognes, but her favorite was L'aimant by Coty.  I remember holding and smelling the beautiful bottle when I was little.  My older sister still has the last bottle that our Mom had when she passed away.  A few years ago, I remember being out shopping and caught a whiff of a woman's cologne and it instantly made me think of my mother, she even had beautiful white hair like my mom. It was kind of freaky and comforting at the same time.

Fragrance is such a personal thing to each woman.  Back in the 70's, I remember begging my mother to buy me some Love's Baby Soft.  Do you remember that scent?  Pair it with some Bubble Gum Lip Smackers and you'll be back in the 70's in your mind. 

In the 80's it seemed that everyone was wearing Ralph Lauren.  Polo cologne for the gents and Lauren for the ladies.  One of my first purchases, when I received my first paycheck, was a bottle of Lauren.  Once I met Darryl, I had to buy him a bottle of Polo.  It was the 80's and not only did we have matchy-matchy colognes, but of course we had matching airbrushed t-shirts too!  lol 
I recently walked into an elevator that was filled with the scent of Polo and my mind went right back to working at Goldies department store before Darryl and I got married.  Of course, I was snapped right back into present time, by wondering if they still make that.  haha

My signature scent in the 90's was Calvin Klein's Escape, and that was the only thing that I wore.  My mom had passed and I wanted my kids to remember my favorite scent, like I did about my mom.  Calvin Klein went on to introduce other scents like, Eternity, Obsession and CK One, but it my mind, nothing compared to Escape.  It eventually got harder and harder to find this cologne, other than online or occasionally at TJMaxx or Marshalls.  I'm sure if any of my three kiddos caught a whiff of someone wearing that, they would have similar memories of me, like I did of my own mother.

Somewhere in the 2000's, I decided that I needed to mix things up in scent department.  Some of my favorites are DKNY Be Delicious, Marchesa Parfum D'Extase, Tory Burch, Hernri Bendel Suite 712, Tocca Simone, but my top 3 favs are Pop by Stella McCartney, Black Opium by Opium and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.  I mean, who doesn't love Chanel....anything, right?

Do you have a "signature" scent or do you like to mix it up?  I would love to hear about your favorites.

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